You’d Better Be In There Somewhere

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When I was working at a company called Crossgen back in 2001, I was stuck writing a book called Sigil. I didn’t start it; it was inherited. It was about a two-fisted, ex-military, blue-collar guy named Sam who traveled the galaxy and fought aliens. I forget why. I do remember it wasn’t a very compelling […]

Great Moments In Comics #6

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September 9, 1994. No, I didn’t remove any balloons. I didn’t touch this, my hand to God. I don’t think I ever read another newspaper comic strip after this.

A Few Quick Things:

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At MegaCon today, so not much time to blog, but: On the subject of the Black Art of Comic Book Punctuation, it turns out Comicraft’s Nate Piekos has it pretty much covered in this excellent post. We’re not 100% in agreement–as an editor, I hate hate hate hate seeing a question mark amplified with an […]

Characters Are Not Furniture

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Losing two of the next five days to cross-country flights, but no complaints from me. I’m on my way to the Orlando MegaCon this week, and while (like most of you) I’ve come to hate flying, it’s worth it: MegaCon has become one of the largest and best-run comics/anime/sf conventions in this country, and whatever […]