Insufferable Week 12

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And we lurch into what is roughly Act Two of our little dramedy, though don’t hold us tightly to that–right now, the team and I are having great fun following these characters down some unexpectedly windy roads, so much so that we’re in no rush to get to Act Three. ¬†Nor am I positively sure […]

Insufferable Week 10

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I know Ed Brubaker’s disappointed. He thought it would be funnier than this. But we’re way, way off the map. That’s what doing an adventure/crime story as a weekly serial creates–an awful lot of chances to turn and swerve and, in general, fling the original map out the window and just drive. To belabor the […]

Insufferable Week 9

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Up now. If you think you understand the dynamic we’re establishing between Nocturnus and Galahad…fooled you. Listen, if you’re reading this and you dig Thrillbent, do me a favor. Tweet about it. Facebook the link. Sound the horn. Spread the word. That’s how we’re gonna expand, through social media and through your help. In return, […]

Insufferable Week 8 is up–

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–and, see? Didn’t I warn you that there would be dark to balance the light? It was Pete’s idea to cram Nocturnus into a sidecar, by the way. Really good. I love how uncomfortable Pete makes him look. Also, reminder to self–we need to sit down soon and catalogue exactly what that Battle Staff can […]

A Short But Great Writing Tip

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Courtesy of Maureen Ryan, TV critic for the Huffington Post in her critique of this season’s Mad Men finale¬†(no spoilers): “[M]ost engaging stories get you to want something for the characters. The characters don’t have to be good people or they don’t even have to have admirable goals, yet because of the way the story […]