Wondercon 2012: Digital Pricing Panel

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At Wondercon last month, Sam Humphries moderated a 50-minute panel/debate between myself and Chip Mosher of Comixology as we discussed the various pricing models of digital comics. (I’m the one who, for right or wrong, keeps screaming “ninety-nine cents!”) Though Chip and I are friends, it got pretty spirited in places–kudos to Chip for maintaining […]

Re: Muncie

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In the previous post, I was using Muncie as an example of a town that ought to be able to support more comics shops than it does given that it’s a college town (Ball State). As I’m well aware because I shop there, Alter Ego Comics is in Muncie, and store owner Jason is great and […]

Print Math

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Some very harsh truths about comics’ current existence and its future burrowed their way into my thick head about three years ago, back when I was Editor-In-Chief of a comics publisher called BOOM! Studios. I learned a lot at that job about the current state of comics publishing–not just from BOOM! but also from comparing […]

C2E2 2012 Event: Waid Braves Certain Death

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Got back yesterday from the 2012 Gem City Comic Con, a great Dayton-area show run by a terrific and energetic young Nate Corddry lookalike named Jesse Noble. I endorse it unreservedly. Amazing show, lots of money drummed up for the Hero Initiative, well worth the trip for me. And only one very tense moment. On […]


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Welcome to the blog relaunch. Enjoy the show. If you’re just joining us, as many of you are, I’m Mark Waid, a very lucky writer whose 25-year career has depended exclusively on print–specifically, on comic books and graphic novels in their familiar paper format. I’ve had some very good years and a few relatively lean […]