Style vs. Storytelling…

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…and the continual search to balance both perfectly. The second installment of INSUFFERABLE went up a half-hour ago at Thrillbent, and as I look over it, in the midst of marveling at the craftsmanship of Pete, Nolan and Troy, I’m reminded of all the stuff we didn’t know months ago when we produced it, and […]

24 Hours Later: What I’ve Learned So Far

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Thrillbent launched yesterday at noon EST, and it was a crazy exciting day for the entire team. Ann Hess, in particular–who’s been doing all the heavy lifting on the website build, design, and maintenance–deserves a huge round of applause, as does our own Lori Matsumoto. Not bad for a launch, not bad at ALL. Under […]


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THRILLBENT IS LIVE! How do you engage this brave new world of comics?!

And we are LIVE!

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THRILLBENT¬†is live as of noon EST today–meaning now! And, on a personal note, it couldn’t have been done without the support of my family (Christy, Grace and Rob) and certainly not without Lori Matsumoto riding herd on everyone and everything. And John Rogers pushing me off the cliff. Thanks to all. Hope you enjoy.

John Rogers interview

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Somewhere, somehow, in the middle of 850 new Dark Knight trailer posts, the web has a really good interview with Thrillbent partner John Rogers on John Rogers interview