The King and I

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Today has a special significance for me because–here’s something you probably don’t know about me–I’m a huge fan of Elvis Aron Presley. Of his music and, at his best, of the man. I grew up in the Deep South to parents and maternal grandparents who were likewise fans. One of my earliest memories in this […]

August 3, 1987

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It went by and I almost missed it. Twenty-five years ago last Friday, I became a Comics Professional. I could have sworn it was August 10–I distinctly remember that Bob Wayne was hired a week before me–but I just checked the calendar. August 3. I’d had a couple of stories published in Action Comics, but […]

I Believed A Man Could Fly

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Which days in the course of your lifetime were the most significant? Can you remember the exact dates, the circumstances, the hours of the events that changed your life? What were the moments at which you can look back and honestly say that everything was different forever after that? Like all of you, I’ve had […]

How I Got Here: Alfred Hitchcock

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I’m going to take some time every once in a while to talk about Those Who Taught Me. Near the top of that list is director Alfred Hitchcock, whose work as a filmmaker is legendary and well-deserved–but that reputation’s not what influenced me, not directly. His best films, from NORTH BY NORTHWEST to PSYCHO to […]