Insufferable Week 13

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What a friend we have in Twitter. Hope you like the pop-up captions technique, because we use it to what I believe is strong effect in this installment. And, yes, most of those @TheRealGalahad followers are real. They’re fans of the series, and this is far from the last time we’ll be incorporating live tweets […]

Insufferable Week 12

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And we lurch into what is roughly Act Two of our little dramedy, though don’t hold us tightly to that–right now, the team and I are having great fun following these characters down some unexpectedly windy roads, so much so that we’re in no rush to get to Act Three. ┬áNor am I positively sure […]

Insufferable Week 9

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Up now. If you think you understand the dynamic we’re establishing between Nocturnus and Galahad…fooled you. Listen, if you’re reading this and you dig Thrillbent, do me a favor. Tweet about it. Facebook the link. Sound the horn. Spread the word. That’s how we’re gonna expand, through social media and through your help. In return, […]

Insufferable Week 8 is up–

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–and, see? Didn’t I warn you that there would be dark to balance the light? It was Pete’s idea to cram Nocturnus into a sidecar, by the way. Really good. I love how uncomfortable Pete makes him look. Also, reminder to self–we need to sit down soon and catalogue exactly what that Battle Staff can […]

By request: Some Thrillbent Webstats

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Thrillbent has been up about six weeks. Several Forum members, fellow webcomics creators and Twitterers have asked about some of the site stats, so FWIW, here’s what we’ve seen. ┬áThis will be dull for most of you but spellbinding to data nerds like myself, trust me.