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Insufferable! (01)
May 1, 2012
2:13 pm

I really liked this. So much so that I'm bothering to comment because not really the social site type, but this was otherwise free and deserving of praise.

Also, I've enjoyed Mr. Waid's past work on Flash and currently with Daredevil.

Viewed the comic through a desktop using a 40" TV as a monitor so viewing each page was no problem even with eyesight issues.

Artwork was of good quality as was the coloring. Again, can't believe this was free.

Enjoyed the pacing. So many times when viewing a printed page your eyes wander and you see the punch before you do the actual set up. This kept me eager to see the next panel without losing anything of the current one being viewed.

Plot: I'm not one for horror so the beginning had me a bit worried, but it turned out for naught. Understated hero versus wackjob sadist and an ungrateful jackass of a…(don't want to spoil it.) I found myself respecting the hero no end and quite eager to read more of this guy and his crime-fighting philosophy.
Oh yeah, great dialogue. Especially liked the bit about the Internet.
Two thumbs up.

Only thing I can think of that was lacking would be zoom. For me that doesn't really matter (40" screen and all), plus browsers do have their own zoom options.

That's it. except to say thank you for the gifts both past and present. Wink

May 1, 2012
2:55 pm
Forum Posts: 2
Member Since:
May 1, 2012

I share the first poster's view on… everything he said.

May 1, 2012
3:05 pm
Johnathan Black

Mark and Co.,

Insufferable chapter 1 is well written and the art is solid. Good job.

I like superheroes as much as the next guy, but seeing that Thrillbent is independent of the direct market I would have thought the site would be offering something a bit different. Is there anything else in the pipeline? A non-superhero based mystery, thriller, western, science fiction story, crime drama, legal drama, adventure epic, period piece, historical fiction… You get the idea.

I wish you and the team success.


May 1, 2012
3:59 pm
Todd Gordon

Great first offering from Thrillbent! I've enjoyed both IRREDEEMABLE and INCORRUPTIBLE quite a bit, and this feels like a similarly-toned story (particularly with the latter) but without the post-apocalyptic feel. That's good. As another poster said–I can't believe this is FREE. I could definitely see paying a flat rate or monthly rate to get each section of this comic weekly. Looking forward to the rest of this story, as well as future Thrillbent offerings.

May 1, 2012
4:18 pm
Colonel Lee

just wanted to pop in and say that I really dug Insufferable .. (liked Luther also) ..

both played great on my 22" Samsung monitor .. and the reading format really is a great storytelling device ..

you can count on me as a regular customer .. or to put it another way .. make mine THRILLBENT!

May 1, 2012
6:33 pm
Rob Staeger

Really nice.

I like the story a lot, and I love the way the art changes on the page. The sequence with pulling the girl out of the pit, and the way the reader's eye was guided, was really well done.

I'm looking forward to more. Lots more.

May 1, 2012
7:07 pm
Johnny Sarcastic

I guess I'm an old-school guy so perhaps I shouldn't even bother commenting because I likely have an unhelpful bias, but I will anyway because I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Wasn't shocked that I liked the story, nor was I shocked that I liked the art – both creators have proven themselves to be very talented repeatedly in the past and this effort is no different. Very good.

The thing that snapped me out of wishing it was in print was the sequential "appearance" of frames. There are so many times when one reads a comic that the 'surprise' of the story is ruined because your eyes scan ahead and see the panel that has the scene in it. This format eliminates that, and I think that's great!

Still wish it was in paper, but I'm old.

May 2, 2012
10:04 pm
BokkenRyanZX 20XX

Insufferable is awesome the art is clean clear and looks great and of course as expected from Mark Waid the story is simple a bit goofy and yet complex and real. I cannot wait for the next issue!

May 3, 2012
12:15 am
Don Garvey
Philadelphia, or thereabouts
Forum Posts: 13
Member Since:
April 8, 2012

I'm surprised that there isn't a thread for this – unless I'm missing one and wasting everyone's time.

Story/Art: Great, fantastic even. The pacing was strong and I felt like I read an entire story. Maybe a bit longer than I expected and maybe a bit longer than I would have liked, but overall a satisfying professional quality read (and why wouldn't it be).

Thirllbenting: I'll admit, I expected more use of the kinds of techniques that were used on AvX Infinite. By and large, this is mostly a "webcomic" experience. I think the "transitions" (do we have language for that yet) were well placed and well used, and served the story for pacing and dramatic effect.

Technology: I love the use of the single "slideshow" control – this allows for a larger page header and saves the user from dealing with full page refreshes like you see in Comic Press and on other platforms. Very smooth and well done.

I'm a big tablet believer – so I hit the site on my iPad. I started to see some tweaks that might make the experience better.

1. 1024 x 768 (or roughly that) is great, but Safari eats up space at the top between the favorites bar (which I know was recommended to turn off) and the tabs. The top and bottom of each page was cut off ever so slightly but irritatingly. I think a 1024x600 aspect ratio might be safer. Would we want users to have to alter their browser settings to view our product?

2. The slideshow control doesn't allow pinch or zoom – so there wasn't a way to mitigate 1. I'm not recommending that it should, but it was a natural thing to try and it wasn't possible.

3. Back to the good, though – the slideshow was doubly awesome on my iPad for the reasons described above – no page reloads, the size of the header was immaterial – a very clean process (I recall how frustrating and annoying it was to read Freakangels on an iPad – every single page required me to scroll to see the entire page and get to the "next" button).

Anyway – I'm curious to hear what you thought.

May 3, 2012
12:26 am
Forum Posts: 31
Member Since:
April 2, 2012

(The above post by Don Garvey was originally the first one in this thread, but I inadvertently moved it to the end while trying to fix something else and it's oddly not easily move-backable. I'll try again later when the risk of incurring an aneurysm is lessened. Apologies for the confusion and ineptitude.)

"Pulling a ship over a mountain isn't eccentric; it's merely difficult.” —Werner Herzog
August 8, 2012
9:58 am
Todd Gordon
Forum Posts: 1
Member Since:
April 7, 2012

Okay, just got caught up on Insufferable.  I'm loving this story and enjoying the fact that I can't predict where each week will take me.  And having just read week 13–absolutely LOVE Galahad's failed "entrance."  (That said, last week did a bit to humanize Galahad for me–he's a jerk, but he's also got tons of pressure on him from a fickle public.  I actually feel bad for the guy now.)

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