Insufferable Week 20!

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Okay!  New Thrillbent server locked in, construction almost complete, loading it up with one or two NEW free weekly series in ADDITION to Insufferable–plan to launch next week, will keep you all posted.  Thanks for your boundless patience!  In the meantime, so you can get your fix, here are direct download links for this week’s installment: CBZ or PDF! Thanks for reading! All will be back to normal soon!


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We appreciate your patience.  The Thrillbent site is being moved to a different, far more secure server this week now that we’ve been Hacker Bait three times, so there’s no on-line reading until it’s up again–but in the meantime, you can still get your direct-download fix of this week’s installment by right-clicking either link: PDF or, if you prefer, CBZ format.  Thanks!


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Up now and free to read at Thrillbent.  Thanks to writer Tom Peyer for suggesting this week’s one sweet moment of father/son bonding. It’s a nice sentiment.

It doesn’t last.

Also, publicist Meg is quickly becoming my favorite character in the strip.  Yours?


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Up and available to read right now at Thrillbent! Various threads are beginning to weave into a giant tapestry of crime and danger, and by the end of this installment, you may be able to suss out some of the Master Plan. We’re thick into Act Two.

If you like what you read, we implore you–recommend the link to your friends. Use the “share” buttons, download the files and share them however you like, wherever you like–just spread the word. It’s much appreciated!

Best, MW


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Thrillbent got hacked, so we’re down for a bit while we do maintenance. However, lest we deny you your weekly fix, here are direct-download links to this week’s Insufferable installment: PDF, CBZ