By request: Some Thrillbent Webstats

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Thrillbent has been up about six weeks. Several Forum members, fellow webcomics creators and Twitterers have asked about some of the site stats, so FWIW, here’s what we’ve seen.  This will be dull for most of you but spellbinding to data nerds like myself, trust me. (more…)

What’s Keeping Me Up Nights Now

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One of our forum members, Max, found himself intrigued by an iPad comics app called DeepComix, which (this is hard to explain, bear with me) uses a series of parallax-view layers to give dimension to its pages. If that makes as little sense as I fear it does, look at how Max experimented with this same technique on his own.  (more…)

Learning From Master Balak

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Okay, now it’s heating UP.

THIS is what gets me charged. THIS is why Thrillbent exists. To show what digital comics can do and to pass along to others what we learn as we go. This is one of my proudest moments yet:

I’ve been praising Yves “Balak” Bigerel’s talents from the start.  Far as I’m concerned, he’s the artist who Broke The Code when it came to defining digital comics, and what I know, I got from him. So I asked him to take one of my short stories I’d done years ago for print and storyboard it out as a digital comic, taking whatever liberties he needed to and adapting it freely. What he delivered is AMAZING. Better yet, he sent an annotated version as well. So if you have any interest in doing digital comics (or doing them better), go NOW NOW NOW to read “Cthulhu Calls.” Compare my original script to what Balak did and, more importantly, read his annotations on WHY he made the choices he made. NOW NOW NOW.

Then, as I am, thank Thrillbent’s Lori and Ann Hess for their hard work in assembling this.

Mark and Thrillbent in the New York Times

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Hi! Lori here. I feel you should know that Mark, John Rogers, Peter Krause and Thrillbent all got written up in a terrific New York Times article entitled “In New Digital Comics, Each Tap Holds a Surprise.” Check it out!

Marketing Through Piracy

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(Actually, I loathe the use of the word “piracy” in the context of filesharing, but a good headline is supposed to be short and punchy, so.)

It came as no surprise to me that, about 24 hours after we posted the first installment of INSUFFERABLE over at Thrillbent, the pages had been downloaded, zipped into a .cbr or .cbz file, and uploaded to various torrent and filesharing sites. The only thing that startled me was that it took 24 hours. Sure enough, installments two and three were similarly webripped, converted and uploaded with increasing speed. By week three, they were available for download around the world within hours. Taken straight from the Thrillbent site.