Insufferable Week Four: Thank You, Adobe

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Insufferable Week Four is now up at Thrillbent.  Check it out, tell your friends.  By now, it should be becoming obvious that one of the creative decisions Peter Krause and I made about the series is a veritable gift to our letterer, Troy Peteri–because we didn’t want either Nocturnus or Galahad to be “the right one” or “the wrong one” regarding their feud, we elected to forego thought balloons and captions so you can’t get inside their heads.  Bonus for Troy: LOTS OF SILENT PANELS.

Which is kind of a shame, ’cause Troy is PHENOMENALLY talented (and a great guy to boot, universally loved among the Thrillbent crew, and even I can’t make THAT claim), and his work is always a joy to behold. Beginning letterers, pay attention to how Troy’s balloon placements help lead the eye around the page where it’s supposed to go. Look closely at the fonts he chooses and notice how easy they are to read while, at the same time, communicating a subtle tone for the overall series.  He works in Adobe Illustrator to produce a set of .eps files, colorist Nolan Woodard works in Adobe Photoshop to turn Pete’s black-and-white scans into colored .tiffs, and every week I marry the two sets of files into what you read on the screen, in a process that takes maybe five minutes because I’m working with seasoned pros. If you’ve got any questions about lettering for Troy, post them here and I’ll see if I can cajole some answers from him. I bet I can.

Style vs. Storytelling…

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…and the continual search to balance both perfectly.

The second installment of INSUFFERABLE went up a half-hour ago at Thrillbent, and as I look over it, in the midst of marveling at the craftsmanship of Pete, Nolan and Troy, I’m reminded of all the stuff we didn’t know months ago when we produced it, and now I’m nervous.


24 Hours Later: What I’ve Learned So Far

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Thrillbent launched yesterday at noon EST, and it was a crazy exciting day for the entire team. Ann Hess, in particular–who’s been doing all the heavy lifting on the website build, design, and maintenance–deserves a huge round of applause, as does our own Lori Matsumoto. Not bad for a launch, not bad at ALL.

Under the ever-present heading of “Transparency,” here’s my takeaway from the first-day experience:



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How do you engage this brave new world of comics?!


And we are LIVE!

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THRILLBENT is live as of noon EST today–meaning now! And, on a personal note, it couldn’t have been done without the support of my family (Christy, Grace and Rob) and certainly not without Lori Matsumoto riding herd on everyone and everything. And John Rogers pushing me off the cliff. Thanks to all. Hope you enjoy.