The Thrillbent announcement: audio

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Thanks to my lovely better half Christina, here’s the audio from the C2E2 announcement of Thrillbent.  It’s an hour-eight, so it may take a bazillion years to download, but it’s worth it just to hear Peter Krause’s dulcet tones.

Thrillbent at C2E2!


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Man, wotta show.

The great folks at C2E2 (easily one of the best-run shows I’ve ever been to) slotted the Thrillbent announcement in as best they could given how late I came to them with it. That meant a 7:45 Friday night panel that, of course, started late because of some previous panel running overtime. So Peter Krause and I were fully prepared to make our splash in a giant room full of seven people in the audience.

Instead, the room was packed–and no one left. I answered questions about Thrillbent and Insufferable and about digital in general until after 9:00, and no one left. Unbelievable how hungry people were for information. The general sense of support we got throughout the entire show was phenomenal.

Spent some good quality time with pioneers like the Blind Ferret folks and others on Saturday, with the best of intentions of finding Reilly Brown and others as well, but something evil was in the Hyatt room-service tuna and I woke up at midnight sick as could be. Missed Sunday altogether. My apologies to everyone.

Extra apologies to Dennis Barger of Wonderworld Comics, with whom I’d talked about visiting the retailers-only getaway he was hosting. I really wanted to, I swear–I loved meeting retailers this weekend on the floor and talking to them about our venture–but between Saturday craziness and Sunday nausea, I was a no-show. Fah.

Exchanged a LOT of information with some wise people. Will be more attentive to the forums and comments starting tomorrow once I fully recover, at which time I’ll post the audio recording of the Thrillbent announcement.

Mark’s digital comics site launching May 1

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Hi! Lori here. Mark delivered his big announcement at C2E2 earlier today: On May 1, he and writer-producer extraordinaire John Rogers will launch Thrillbent, their new digital comics website. Mark will post much more about it here when he returns from Chicago so until then, check out this dandy interview with him in today’s USA Today.  Let us know what you think in the new Thrillbent section of the Forum!

Off to C2E2

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Off to Chicago for C2E2 this weekend, where I’ll be making a big announcement and revealing details Friday evening about my next step in digital-comics publishing. Check the comics websites or come back here Monday morning for more.

In the meantime, for those of who you’ve not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to the work of Yves (Balak) Bigerel, the Orson Welles of digital comics (he gets all humble and shy when I say that, but hey), these are the two webcomics he did that–and this is no hyperbole–changed my career and my life when I first saw them three years back. These two pieces are the foundation of my entire mindset and mission. Enjoy and discuss:

About Digital Comics

About “About Digital Comics”


Guest Post: Reilly Brown

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Reilly Brown is one of those guys I’m referring to whenever I admit that I’m not making these digital techniques up out of whole cloth–I’m standing on the shoulders of others. The Power Play digital comic he does with Kurt Christenson–


–is really well-done and comes highly recommended, and we can all learn a lot from him. Let’s start now. His posting contains a ton of worthy recommendations for other digital comics that I’ll be linking into the sidebar ASAP.  Reilly, take it: