Writing For Digital, Part One

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The most frequently asked question I get from other writers about moving into digital comics isn’t about how to make any money doing it, though you’d think. (And we’ll be discussing that soon.)  It’s “Jeezum Crow, how do you WRITE for that format?” And what’s both daunting and exciting is that we’re having to invent that part of the creative process largely from scratch–but here’s what I’ve learned so far.


Forums are up.

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Because Lori Matsumoto lives on seven minutes of sleep every 24 hours, the forums are up and running. I’m gonna get in there and lob some ideas out ASAP.  Come join me.

Oh, Hi! I’m the Sidekick.

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[Mark Waid here to introduce John Rogers, Without Whom. John’s been my partner/sidekick/leader/cheerleader these last three years as we’ve ventured into this arena. If you’re a TV viewer, you’ll know John as the mastermind/co-creator behind TNT’s LEVERAGE. If you’re a comics geek, you’ll know that he co-created the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, with Keith Giffen. If you’re a fan of successful stand-up comics who’ve gone on to respected performing careers, then…then he’ll be a mystery to you. But Leverage and Blue Beetle!  Also, he married wisely and has great taste in friends and in scotch.  John is about ten times smarter than I am about All Things Media and he’ll be cross-posting valuable info from his Kung Fu Monkey website here, as well, as his schedule allows–like now. Without further ado, I present John Rogers:]


Friday Post en route…

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…a guest-post from John Rogers, my partner in crime on digital. Coming later this morning, as soon as he sobers up.

Will dive more into the comments and responses next week–this week’s been all about prepping for May–but I’m itching to respond to Hibbs in particular, in a gentlemanly way. He’s a good guy, we just have vastly differing points of view on, as near as I can tell, the universe and everything in it.  But he’s good people.

Wondercon 2012: Digital Pricing Panel

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At Wondercon last month, Sam Humphries moderated a 50-minute panel/debate between myself and Chip Mosher of Comixology as we discussed the various pricing models of digital comics. (I’m the one who, for right or wrong, keeps screaming “ninety-nine cents!”) Though Chip and I are friends, it got pretty spirited in places–kudos to Chip for maintaining an even keel throughout. You can download an audio recording of the discussion here.

Digital Pricing Throwdown at Anaheim