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And we lurch into what is roughly Act Two of our little dramedy, though don’t hold us tightly to that–right now, the team and I are having great fun following these characters down some unexpectedly windy roads, so much so that we’re in no rush to get to Act Three.  Nor am I positively sure that Act Three IS the last act. Yes, we still know where we’re ultimately going, but the more I know and learn about Jarod and his father, different avenues towards that destination spring up on the map and they take us interesting places. So long as you, the reader, feel that there’s motion and that nothing’s getting bogged down, I think that’s cool.  How are we doing so far at maintaining a storytelling pace that keeps you hooked and yet gives you a satisfying slice of the overall saga with each installment? Let us know; I’m eager to hear your thoughts.


  1. Aaron
    July 25, 2012

    I am loving Insufferable, and more importantly, watching this whole adventure in publishing unfold. The story is paced pretty well, and I really like the small tangent scenes like the first part of Week 11, thrown in occasionally. It keeps the main story moving and at bay all at once, which is real nice to do in a weekly installment model.

    It will be interesting to read, say, 20 weeks worth at once to see if the pacing feels different in more of a “trade paperback” like format.

    I don’t know that I’ve really wanted to pay for something that is free online before, but I definitely would pay for this story to continue to its end. Thanks for making an entertaining read, to say the least.

  2. Adriano Ariganello
    July 25, 2012

    I’m enjoying it so far, but I’m doing so a couple weeks or so at a time.

    The weekly format is great as I don’t forget what’s going on week-to-week as I seem to with monthlies.

    However, after a few issues, I found myself wanting more per visit, so I read 2 updates every couple of weeks (as of issue 8 or so). It suits me fine going about it that way, but I’m could see how this would pose a problem for your weekly page-views.

  3. Karl Kesel
    July 25, 2012

    I’m enjoying it tremendously. Pete’s art has never been better, and I heard somewhere that Waid is the best writer in the business right now so who am I to argue that? 😉 I check it every week, and get enough bang for my buck (even considering it’s free) that I’m a satisfied viewer.

    My only “complaint” is really a matter of personal style— I’d probably use a few more web storytelling “tricks” than you two do. I’d have held back Galahad being shovel-wacked until after a CLICK, for instance, because even though you use it as your promo shot, and there is the clear set-up of the shovel-wielding scoundrel the panel before, the sudden reveal of that bright-red-colored panel in contrast to the darker-colored panels leading up to it would have had a lot more visceral impact if it had been held back. In my opinion. But maybe that’s too Michael Bay for the sort of story you’re telling. Intelligent people can disagree…

  4. Nate
    July 25, 2012

    Your website appears broken. I’m browsing on FF13 on Win7 and the CSS seems to have malfunctioned.

    • Nate
      July 25, 2012

      I mean the Thrillbent website, actually.

      • arnie
        July 25, 2012

        i second that… when you click the site, it takes you to the end of the story. then you have no navigation control .

  5. Max Ingram
    July 26, 2012

    I’m loving Insufferable so far. The weekly episodic format has a real hook to it, and I’m invariably left wanting more when I get done reading the latest installment. There are few websites that keep me hooked and coming back for more, and so far, Thrillbent has managed to become one of them. Keep up the great work, gang!

  6. malcom
    July 27, 2012

    I’m enjoying Insufferable, and am always excited to read the latest installment.

    Just one minor gripe. There’s no way to subscribe to an rss feed of the actual comic. Instead, the Thrillbent feed ( only publishes the blog posts. Which is fine, but there is not a blog post every time a new issue comes put (There was no blog post when part 11 or part 9 came out).

    This isn’t the end of the world, it just meant that I read two weeks at once.

  7. Mike
    August 7, 2012


    First the praise, then the complaint.

    I’m enjoying it. I read Weeks 1 through 10 in one go and will check out more as the weeks build up. But towards the end of what I read, it felt like there were a few too many “windy roads.” I’d like the action revolve mostly on the two leads, but of course I’ll check out where the story is going. I feel like the whole thing could be a little tighter and it feels like you’re discovering what the story is as you write it instead of having done much outlining, which detracts from the quality. But you writing at half-speed is still better than what most other writers do when they give it their all.

    (If you respond, I’m sure it will be to say you *are* giving it your all, and I don’t mean to presume, just telling you how the writing feels so far.)

    Overall, I’m glad you’re doing this Thrillbent thing, as it’s a great value for readers, even when the story isn’t clicking all the time.


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