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Up and running–please to leave any comments, thoughts or observations below. ┬áPete and Nolan both knocked themselves out this week especially. Me, I’m leaving for the New York Comicon in 15 minutes and will be in Artist’s Alley at booth H-18 — stop by and say hello if you’re there, and be among the first to hear news about the NEW Thrillbent series we’ll be launching next week!


  1. Taylor Scott
    October 10, 2012

    It’s awesome that you guys get out fully scripted, penciled, inked, -colored- segments done each week that are a decent bit more than just a page all while working full time jobs as well.

    I link the site to as many people as I can, particularly to ones who are sick of unreliable updaters.

    Love Nocturnus’ eyes in that last panel, and I’m really glad you had those flashback panels to remind us who Praetorean is.

  2. Sasha
    October 14, 2012

    Dear Mark Waid.

    I read Irredeemable last year and it re-ignited my love for comic books. I just loved everything, the artwork,the story, the characters etc. Irredeemable is by far the best comic book I have ever read. And you are my favorite writer! Hands down!
    I really hope that one day you write a prequel to Irredeemable.

    – Your Ultimate Fan


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