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You want your weekly dose of counsel and advice on being in a creative medium? Really? Is that what you want? Fine. Here: spend the sixty lousy bucks on Quicken and be done with it. Don’t just throw all your receipts and 1099s into a big drawer and expect to be able to neatly and effortlessly organize them on the morning of April 15, because you will instead spend that entire day sifting through a gigantic mound of paper and keening for the help of an unattentive but doubtlessly amused God. And you will miss any deadlines you had for the rest of the week. Like this one. Are you listening, Mark Waid of April 16, 2008? I thought not. You jerk.

Meanwhile, to quote John Rogers, yesterday, “all across America, thousands of people whose taxes will go down [were] marching and protesting the fact that my taxes will go up.” I love my country, but sometimes I feel far less charitable towards the people in it. Thanks for the concern, Tea Partiers! Hope you enjoyed being puppets of Fox News! If O’Reilly ever gets ahold of the Anti-Life Equation, it’s all over.

Next week, business as usual.