Captain America Epic Collection: Man Without A Country

Collects Captain America (1968) #444-454, Thor (1966) #496, Iron Man (1968) #326, Avengers (1963) #396 and material from Captain America Ashcan Edition, Captain America: The Legend, Captain America Collectors' Preview.

Operation: Rebirth! Captain America, thought dead by the nation he loves, returns to the land of the living with a vengeance — but his unlikely savior is one of his deadliest enemies! Reunited with long-lost love Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers must face a foe he hoped he'd never see again. But Cap's return is good news for the Avengers — with Thor powerless, Iron Man a teenager and the Zodiac attacking, they need him now more than ever. But does America? When Cap is framed and exiled from the United States, he must uncover the truth and track down the mysterious manipulator before time runs out for America!

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